Undergraduate Engineering Portfolio, 2017-2021

This website provides an overview of my projects and related assignments that I have accomplished during my undergraduate program at the University of California, Irvine. Unfortunately, during the last two years at my univeristy, the COVID-19 pandemic shifted my projects to support an online format, but nonetheless, were successfully completed.

Throuhgout my academic career, I've strengthened my ability to think critically under pressure of having 10 weeks of instruction without compromising the effort of my work. Moreover, because my course load in college exceeded the traditional 12 units, I've mastered organizing my assignments to complete them ahead of time to confirm the level of detail is up to par. This helps me in both team and individual environments because I can support my peers to help them stay on task to complete our work on time while also holding myself accountable in the same regard. In the end, I am dedicated to finish everything I have started while simueltanseuously never forgetting to push myself and my creativity beyond expectations.

Based on my contribution, I’m aiming to make a positive impact in the world to help those in need and have acheived this by working at Penumbra, Inc. as a Manufacturing Engineer. Penumbra manufactures medical equipment to addresses challenging medical conditions in markets with significant unmet need. I am a product based ME overseeing two catheter product lines for vascular thrombectomy and accessing the neurovascular system.