About Me

In 2021, I graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a degree in Materials Science and Engineering. Throughout my time in college, I added a Material Science-based specialization in Structural and Mechanical Design and a minor in Biomedical Engineering. I want to pursue the medical field because of my desire to improve traditional medical applications that enhance the livelihood of those around me through the contribution of my work.

I love expressing my creativity in academic and hobby-based environments. A recent side project I got to do was design my graduation cap during my last quarter in school. As mentioned previously, I majored in Material Science and Engineering with an added Biomedical Engineering minor due to my interest in prosthetics and implants. I planned to combine both elements onto my hat in a way that molds them into myself as a new graduate. I also added the three commonly used materials for implants based on their crystal structures, each hitting the category of metal (Titanium), polymer (Polypropylene), or ceramic (Zirconia). I also programmed an Arduino Nano to pull this middle layer with the implants out from under the grad level towards these materials to connect the medical side with the materials.

Another hobby of mine is photography and have been learning to enhance my landscape shots. I love the process of setting up my shot and editing them in post. I've been practicing my skills and aesthetic since high school and find this activity a great way to push myself creatively to find new ways to look at the world.

More recently, another hobby I got into was making bread and other baked goods. I'm still learning the method to make the bread look better, yet I do have the taste down. Learning this had broadened my ideals into finding more things I can make at home such as starting an herb garden.